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We have EXCITING news to share with you! Dana is expecting her first baby! We have EXCITING news to share with you! We have exciting news to share with you!... You may have noticed something different about Dana during your last visit, and you would be right! Dana is expecting her first BABY!    We are all very excited for the arrival of this new team member. Baby is due in January 2022. We know this exciting news comes with many questions, so we are here for you and hope this email helps. You will find lots of information below. All Your Questions Answered What about my existing booked appointments? - All scheduled appointments still remain. If it is booked in our system it is
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WE'RE HIRING! Become a part of our alternative health care team at Quinte Mind & Body! In our clinic we offer many services for the physical body and mental health as well. We are a busy clinic that needs more practitioners to take some patients on and continue to grow their career. We encourage every practitioner to become the therapist they want to be and create a niche that will help your career expand. Want to join our team?... Benefits to becoming a part of Quinte Mind & Body: - Fast growing clientele. We have a waiting list of patients eager to join our schedule for treatment, plus more
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Our treatment rooms and clinic has a strict disinfecting and sterile protocol.
COVID Update - We will be OPEN and OPERATING throughout the new lockdown
Providing Care For 4 Years!
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