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We have EXCITING news to share with you! Dana is expecting her first baby!

We have exciting news to share with you!...

You may have noticed something different about Dana during your last visit, and you would be right!

Dana is expecting her first BABY! 

 Quinte Mind and Body teamDana Goodfellow and husband

Quinte Mind and Body team

We are all very excited for the arrival of this new team member. Baby is due in January 2022.

We know this exciting news comes with many questions, so we are here for you and hope this email helps. You will find lots of information below.

All Your Questions Answered

What about my existing booked appointments? - All scheduled appointments still remain. If it is booked in our system it is valid.

What about future appointments? - Appointments with Dana will continue to be scheduled and booked. You can still book in with Dana throughout the fall and upcoming months.

When will Dana be taking Maternity leave? - Dana plans to still see patients up until the end of the calendar year of 2021. Potential appointments can be booked into the beginning of January closer to that month's arrival and dependent on Dana's ability to provide proper care for you.

How long will Dana be off on leave? - Dana plans to only be off for a short while. A possible return to the clinic will be May 2022. She will keep you well informed of her return and pre-booking will be possible and available.

What about my care while Dana is off? - There are two other amazing RMT's within Quinte Mind & Body that are happy to take over your care for the short leave Dana will be gone. Both Brittany Vis and Tanner Thompson will be at the clinic seeing patients with their usual schedule and will be accepting Dana's patients as well. They will both be available to answer your phone calls and emails. Upon your last visit with Dana before her leave, she can suggest the best fit for your care while she is gone.

Can I still contact Dana when she is on leave? - ABSOLUTLEY. Dana will still remain to be your therapist and still care for you in ways she can while she is on leave. If you have new injuries, concerns, or just checking in, you are more than welcome to send the clinic an email and Dana will receive it and respond when possible.

I am not a patient of Dana's, but I am a patient of Quinte Mind & Body, what does this mean for my care? - If you are not a patient of Dana's your health care will be uninterrupted. The therapist that you currently see will continue to care for you as usual.

Remember you can still book in with Dana. She is operating her hours as usual until the end of the year. 

Want to book an appointment? Send us an email at!