Our treatment rooms and clinic has a strict disinfecting and sterile protocol. You can rest assured you will be entering into a completely safe and sterile environment with every treatment and visit. 

Between every patient, our treatment rooms are completely disinfected from the treatment tables, to every touched surface and item used during that time of the visit. Even non-touched surfaces that exist in the rooms will be disinfected. We use a high grade cleaner that is proven to kill the COVID 19 virus, as well as many other micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Often through out each day, the entire clinic is disinfected. This means every surface, item, door handle, pen, washroom, and area is wiped down to make sure the clinic is a safe environment for everyone. 

We want you to enjoy your treatment and time in the clinic and not worry about the current pandemic. Enjoy your visit and allow it to be STRESS-FREE.